Thursday, May 23, 2013

June Meal Plan

For the longest time I would wait to decide what I was going to have for dinner until it was actually dinner time. When I started to stay home I decided to take the time to create a meal plan for the month. Now I wonder why I didn't start it sooner. It has actually saved me time and best of all, money.
At first, I was creating a new meal every night. That got to be more expensive than I wanted, especially since there's just the two of us and we always have leftovers. So now, I am trying to create meals that can be used for other meals too. I thought with all this preparation, I might as well share so hopefully someone else can benefit from it too.
Most of my recipes are coming from Why haven't I found this blog sooner? LIFE SAVER. I also found another website I like as well: This blog seems to have a lot of simple stuff.
So here's what I've done:
I first create a monthly meal plan. I go and pick out the things I want to eat and write it down.
Then I grouped them together to see if I could find meals that could be used together to combine the ingredients. Meat especially.
After that, I went through and found out the ingredients that I'll need to have on hand for them that week. I actually go grocery shopping usually only once a month since we don't use a ton of fresh dairy. I also freeze everything I can think of. I freeze spinach, fruits, and vegetables that don't go bad very fast. However, for what I'm sharing it will show the breakdown by week. Most of the stuff I have on hand. But if you don't have it, you'd want to make sure you did. For example, I usually have frozen ground beef, chicken, always have pasta sauce, spices, potatoes, and cheeses.
Anyway, I hope this helps.

Week 1
Saturday June 1
Pizza Bake found here:
Sunday June 2
Pot Roast found here:
Monday June 3
Using the left over beef I will make French Dip Sandwiches found here:
Tuesday June 4
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken over rice found here:
We just had this last night and LOVED it. Se
Wednesday June 5
BBQ chicken quesadillas with left over chicken. Just put the left over chicken and cheese in a tortilla and brown in a skillet. Don't forget to add some extra sauce. Serve with salsa.
Thursday June 6
Baked Ziti found here:
This actually makes two meals in 2 8x8 dishes. Score! I will save it and use it later on in the month.
Friday-Saturday June 7-8 I will be out of town.
Sunday June 9
I usually use rotisserie chicken for this week's recipes. One chicken from Costco can usually cover all the chicken meals this week. I just freeze it for the stuff I will use later in the week.
Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas found here: *Use rotisserie chicken
Monday June 10
Black Bean Tacos found here:
Then, if I want to I can add some of the left over chicken from last night to this.
Tuesday June 11
Mexican Hashbrown Casserole found here:
Wednesday June 12
Bow-tie chicken Caesar salad: *I will just use a salad mix for this and the next meal. along with rotisserie chicken
Thursday June 13
Caesar salad wrap:
I got this recipe from a friend. She just mixes a salad mix with Caesar dressing. Put on a tortilla and top with rotisserie chicken, corn, tomatoes, and croutons. Wrap it up and enjoy.
Friday June 14
Chicken Ranch Tacos found here: *use leftover rotisserie chicken
Saturday June 15
Homemade Pizza found here:
Sunday June 16
Pot Roast (same recipe as before):
Monday June 17
Using the left over beef I will make French Dip Sandwiches found here:
Tuesday June 18
Grilled 7up Chicken found here:
Wednesday June 19
Chicken Tacos using leftover meat from yesterday.  found here:
Thursday June 20
Use the extra Baked Ziti meal I had in the freezer.
Friday June 21
Chicken Parmesan Pizza found here: * I will probably use my dough recipe instead of buying the pizza crust, especially since I have the ingredients on hand.
Saturday June 22
Taco Salad found here:
Sunday June 23
BBQ Ribs found here:
Monday June 24
Ribs Pasta using left over ribs found here:
Tuesday June 25
Honey Lime chicken enchiladas: *Use rotisserie chicken
Wednesday June 26
Bean Enchilada Casserole found here:
Thursday June 27
Sweet and Sour Meatballs found here:
Friday June 28
Chicken Tortellini found here:
Saturday June 29
Bean Burritos found here: * I will just used can refried beans though.
Sunday June 30
Honey Glazed Grilled Chicken found here:

Shopping List by Week:

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