Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mediterranean Veggie Wrap

I've been changing my eating habits to be healthier than the past. So far it's been working great! I cut out soda and limit my sugar intake. I also try to cut out gluten-or at least use whole wheat when eating grains. Nothing too crazy yet, just trying to get the hang of things.

This has been my go to lunch. I love it! It's sweet but salty. It has a nice crunch to it and the flavor is great!


1 Whole Wheat Wrap
Hummus-I like to mix mine with minced garlic
1 handful of spring garden salad mix
sliced cucumbers
diced tomatoes
pomegranate kernels
bell pepper cut into strips


Spread the hummus on the whole wheat wrap (I use about a tablespoon or so). Add the veggies and fruit. Wrap it up and enjoy!

Let me know how you like it!

Christmas Giveaway!!

I'm so excited to do a giveaway! I have been working on Christmas Printables to get ahead on my Etsy shop.

TO kick things off, I'm hosting a giveaway on Instagram @stephanndesigns and Facebook:

I'm giving away 4 printables (1 set on instagram and one on facebook), printed and shipped! All you have to do is like my page and comment on the post.
The printables are vintage inspired christmas themed. They will be printed on high quality cardstock and shipped right to your home!

Maybe you will be a lucky winner!?!
Winners will be announced Monday, November 3, 2014! Good luck.


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