Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chopped YW Activity

For our latest Young Women Activity, the girls really wanted to do a "Chopped" competition. They have been asking for quite some time, so we finally put it together.

We did it a little different than the show though. We only did a dessert round and no one was chopped. There was an award for every team. Here are the details:

First, I divided them into four groups. They didn't get to choose their groups. I had them draw their colored groups from a bucket. I had a dishware set that included two plates and one bowl in four colors. That is the way we identified the groups.

Next, I told them the rules. They had 30 minutes to make a dessert. They were told they would be given four mystery ingredients. They had to use those four mystery ingredients and then they could use anything I had on the counter. If they needed something else they could ask and if I had it my pantry or fridge, they could use it.

There were special conditions though. I had a little trivia game before we began. The trivia game was to give some penalties to other teams. If they answered the question correctly, they could choose the punishment for another team. Every team had to have a punishment. *see files at the bottom

They were divided in their groups and then given the chance to open the mystery ingredients. I told them they could start and so it began.

They had a lot of fun making the food. Some people asked to use the blender, others wanted to use the stove. I was there to help accommodate and make sure nothing got broken. :)

Here were the final plates:

The final part was the judging round. I invited some of the young women turning 12 this year to be the judge. My husband ended up being a judge too since one of the girls couldn't make it. They were to give out 4 different prizes, 1 to each team.
Best Overall,
Most Creative
Best Tasting
and Best Appearance
I printed my little awards on regular paper and then taped them to a foam board and cut them out.
I gave the judges a whole bunch of forks so they didn't have to double dip in any plate. :)
I couldn't pass up my husband's face in this picture. Sums up the judging pretty good. 

Overall, it was a great success! The girls absolutely loved it! If we did it again I think we will try a main dish.

Here are all the files we used for the decor, judging, etc. Feel free to use for yourself! Just right click each image and save it. Then you will be able to print them. Each picture is an 8.5x11 sheet of paper size. I'd love to hear how it went!

Files for the Banner

If you happen to have a larger group, here are some extra awards and another judging sheet! :)


  1. Thanks Steph! You are so wonderful!

  2. Hi Stephanie! Do you have a list of the ingredients you used? :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this activity and the files. I'm actually going to use it for activity girls activity. It is creative people like you that help those like me have really good ideas.

  4. Thank you! What did you use as your mystery ingredients?



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