Monday, November 4, 2013

November 2013 Visiting Teaching Message

This month there is not an assigned visiting teaching message. Instead, we are told to prayerfully select a message to teach our sisters from the General Conference talks found HERE.

After reading through some, I found a talk that really spoke to me. I have a testimony in serving others. I feel that we are the ones that end up blessed when we actively seek to help others. As we are mindful of our attitudes and responses, we can continue to be a positive example to the people around us. I love to see people that are genuinely nice to others. I feel that the more we smile, are kind, and help other when we can, the more we can feel love from our Father in Heaven.

I chose the talk by Carole M. Stephen's "We Have Great Reason to Rejoice". It's a great talk that encourages serving those around us. You can find the article HERE.

Here is a handout I made to go along with this talk. I might create another handout on a different talk a little later.

To get the handouts, just right click the image and click save as. Then you will be able to pull the full page up and print from there.


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