Friday, July 12, 2013

How I Made a Taggie Blanket

My friend is having a baby boy pretty soon. Since our boys will be like 9 months apart we have a lot of craft ideas together. A taggie blanket was an idea she saw somewhere. I hadn't ever heard of them, but it totally makes sense! I didn't have any idea on how to make a taggie blanket so I just kinda winged it from a picture she posted on pinterest. I didn't want to go and buy one.

I decided to create one for us, and for a couple other people too.

I made mine first, and then made one for my cousin who just had a baby girl. The second one turned out much better than the first.

I am NOT a sewer. I'm totally a beginner sewer. I am slowly teaching myself so this is totally not perfect at all.

Here are the steps that I found worked for me. 

1. Cut out equal sized squares in two different fabrics. I used minky for one side and then just a cotton for the other. You can cut them any size you like. For this one, I had enough fabric for an 18x18 blanket. Make sure to iron your cotton fabric so you can get an accurate measurement.

2. Cut out the types of ribbon you want. I did about 4-5 inches long of 4 different ribbons. You can totally use the same ribbon all around. I liked the look of different kinds though. I used ric-rac too. I cut out 16 pieces total. I made them all the same on each side.

3. Sew your ribbons onto the top side of the cotton fabric. You will want to sew them so they are facing inward. When you sew the two pieces of material together you will be sewing them inside out so that the tags will be facing outward. I didn't pin them. I found it much easier to just place and then sew and then move onto the next one. I DID NOT sew all around the fabric. You'll just want to sew these on where they are going to be. You could even hand stitch them on. I also used the zig zag stitch for everything. I like the way it looks. :)

4. Sew the fabric and minky pieces together. To do this, you'll want to face them top side together. All the ribbon will be on the inside. Make sure to leave a space open to be able to flip it to the right way. I leave about a 5 inch opening. Sew around the border, about 1/4 inch in. I always just follow the edge of the material with the right side of the thing that holds the material in place (beginner sewer at it's best right there). As you sew around the edges just be mindful of the placements of the ribbon.
5. Bring the fabric right side out through the opening you left. All your tags should now be sticking straight out. Fold the opening so that the two pieces of material match the sewing on the other parts. Pin in. Start from a corner and top stitch over the whole thing.

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