Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Beginning Invites

I am on an activity committee for church. We are in charge of creating activities for the ladies in our church. I usually do the invites. Here are a few that I made. Don't judge me on them, I'm still learning ;)

We usually have a giveaway at our events. I found a saying and framed it, but later changed my mind to something else. I compiled my favorite subway arts offered from all those wonderful bloggers out there. I got a frame from the dollar store and printed the subway art as a 5x7 each. Now, they can change it with each holiday. I'm thinking I might start doing my own subway art in the future.
Here is the original giveaway I created

I am also helping in a couple baby showers coming up. I've created the invites from others that I have liked. I don't have a ton of other stuff to do with my time so I thought I might as well make them :)


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