Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Favorite Recipes Printed!

I participated in my friend's Bunco group. She had a "My Favorite Things" Party. I've been wanting to do one for such a long time! This turned out so fun. You bring two items each $5. Then you put your name twice in a bowl or something. You draw to names out and those are the people that receive your gift. You tell them why it's your favorite thing.

For dinner she served

Penne Noodles with My Alfredo Sauce found HERE
My Homemade Breadsticks found HERE
A yummy salad with homemade ranch
A lemonade drink
and a yummy strawberry shortcake for dessert

There were all sorts of things exchanged at the party. Some girls brought lip balm, their favorite tank tops, gift cards, hair and nail products, lotion, and more. I ended up with a towel that soaks up water like crazy (kind of like the shamwow) and a homemade vitamin C serum that helps your skin. It was so fun. I'm going to be planning and hosting my own party shortly.

For me, I created my own mini version of my favorite recipes. I added the recipes, the picture, and some backgrounds and put two to a paper. Then I printed them on cardstock, cut them, glued two together, three hole punched, tied them on the side with raffia and called it good. They actually turned out kinda cute. So if you want to print them yourself just open the link, print them on cardstock and do the same. It only took me like ten minutes.


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