Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Black Light Party

Our beehive group was in charge of the combined young men/young women activity. The girls have been dying to do a glow in the dark party. With Halloween here, we thought this would be a great idea!

We didn't do much set up to keep it simple. We made a few poster boards with some neon paint. We also had three big black lights and 1 strobe light.

We started out with a devotional on the talk made my Elder Uchtdorf called " Tge Hope of God's Light. We did this devotional with the lights dimmed and the black lights on.

With the devotional we served the refreshments. It's always hard to gather everyone up towards the end. We served sherbert ice cream and then poured some sprite over it. We Put a glow stick underneath the cup to make the cups glow. They were all different colors so it looked cool.

After the devotional we played some games. The color of the glow stick they had determined the team they were on. We thought about glow in the dark volleyball, but then changed our mind to do some team building activities. We divided them into five different groups and then played these games:

Human Knot: They put their hands in a circle and hand to untangle the knot. This was fun because it was in the dark.

Rock Paper Scissors Dragon: Our ward always has a tournament during it's ward campout. I thought this game would be fun to do, but just adding on something a little different. In their groups they found someone to play rock paper scissors with. If they lost the round, the grabbed onto the shoulders of the winner. That group played another group and the losers would then add on to them. Finally, they have to play all the other teams until the champion is at the front of the chain.

Tape Ball: I didn't use tape on this. What I did was wrapped up some candy and glow bracelets and other knick knacks I had laying around. I used cling wrap and wrapped it into a ball. I made sure to have some spots full of cling wrap. Their were 2 people rolling dice in each team. When someone got to doubles they could have a turn unwrapping the candy.

Ooga Booga: For this game we divided the big group into two big circles. They held hands and then looked down and called out "ooga booga, ooga booga, and then looked up and said "ooh" When they looked up they had to look at someone in the eyes. If that person was looking back then they were both out. It was fun because when people started to get out, they started doing games of their own.

We also had a girl who does photography in our ward volunteer to take some cool pictures. She found a dark place and had the kids make different shapes with the glow
sticks. There were some cute ones!

We had the kids and leaders say this was an awesome activity. We definitely had a lot of fun!


  1. Hi, I found this post via Pinterest. I wanted to do this for my youth in January but I am unsure how you did the lighting? What kind of lights ( I know black light but I'm thinking what kind - bulbs, fluorescent tubes, that kind of thing) did you use and how many?

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for reading my blog! One of the Young Men Leaders have a plethora of black florescent tubes that he brought for us to use. We ended up using about 6. One for each side of the room. It seemed to be enough for us. If done in a home, I think you could probably get away with one or two.
      Hope that helps!

  2. This is a great idea! thank you for sharing!



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