Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloween Bunco Sheet

Here's a free Halloween Bunco Score sheet for you to use!
Just right click the photo and save it and then print it. That way the link won't show up at the bottom.
If you have any problems at all I will email you the pdf file.



  1. I love these, we have a Halloween bunco party coming up. I am having some trouble printing, can I get a pdf?

  2. hi, I LOVE your scorecard! However I can't use the word bunco and I wonder if i can have pdf file so I can change the word? please email the pdf file to events@deafsocietyofcanterbury.co.nz many thanks. Lara

  3. This is great! Thanks so much! I'm having a Halloween Bunco Party and made up my own cards, but I really like yours. On mine, I have a place for their name and an extra line for keeping track of how many wipeouts they get. A wipeout is when they get three one's in any round other than round 1. Is it possible for me to add these items myself to yours?

  4. Can you email the pdf file for this? Lanetfunke@yahoo.com
    SO cute! Thank you!


  5. Could you please email the Halloween PDF to me? Lovindlord@aol.com
    Thank you!!



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