Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Classroom Party Ideas

Here are some printables and ideas if you're in charge of the classroom Halloween party!

To save each printable just right click the image and click save as. Then you can pull the image up and print it.

1. Halloween Bingo- this one is fun and easy. There are ten different cards here along with the call out cards.

2. Halloween Unscramble- Just unscramble the words in each of the columns.

3. Roll a Jack-O-Lantern- follow the instructions to have each child complete a pumpkin with their own design!

4. Coloring pages- print these out and let the students color their favorite Halloween picture. 

Just cut each page in half and you will have two coloring pages per sheet.
5. Decorate sugar cookies- my mom was the room mother every year. She would always make sugar cookies and we would decorate them. So fun. You can find here recipe HERE

6. Bring your Wii and play Just Dance. We did this activity in the class I student taught in. The kids LOVED it.

7. Paint pumpkins- A room mother had a family member that had a pumpkin patch. She brought a small pumpkin for everyone and they were able to paint them.

8. Musical Chairs -  do this with some Halloween music. It's so fun and all the kids love it.

9. Create a ghost story. You will need a tape recorder for this activity. The leader of this group (room mom or teacher) will start the story. Just make something up that starts out spooky. Pass the recorder around and have each student make up their own part. Later you could make this into a book for the classroom.

10.  Read a Halloween story. Most kids love to listen to adults read them a story. Find your favorite Halloween book and read with excitement. They will be on their seats trying to find out what happens next. You could pass out treats that went along with the book you chose.


  1. Thank you, Stephanie! :) Did you design the bingo cards? You are that crafty friend that everyone needs!

    1. I did design them :) I just used some cute clip art I found and some free Halloween fonts to create them. Thanks :)



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