Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Young Women Halloween Party

This week we decided to do a Halloween party for the girls. We combined with the Mia Maids since the Laurels had a stake activity. It was fun! We kept it pretty simple.
We picked up a few pizzas and a couple things of breadsticks. We also had some hot chocolate there too. The girls wanted to make some sugar cookies-but not just any sugar cookies. They HAD to have swig sugar cookies. Swig is a place here in St. George that sells drinks and you can add any flavor shot to it. They also have some trendy cookies too.
I used the COOKIE recipe on THIS website. The only thing I did different was baked them at 375 degrees for 11 minutes. I tried the frosting on that website before, but it was a little too sour creamy for me (even though it's the closest thing to swig). Instead, I used the FROSTING recipe from THIS website. Instead of dying the frosting pink, we did black and yellow.

We also had a word Halloween game the girls played when we first got there. Afterwards, we just hung out, ate pizza and decorated cookies. Towards the end the girls decided to play a game of mafia.

A nice, simple activity :)

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